About me


Hi! I’am Mirjam,

a maritime and travel photographer. I am based in Amsterdam, but I cover events all over The Netherlands. I work as a freelance photographer on assignments for several clients and on my own long term personal projects. In 2017 I made a photo documentary on board of the tallship Sedov from Svetly (Russia) to Den Helder. In 2018 I sailed with the Russian tall ship ‘Kruszenstern’ and followed the Tall Ship Races 2018 from Stavanger to Harlingen. For my travels I have visited countries all over the world.

After one of my journeys to Iran I came into contact with a marine pilot. So I came in the maritime world. After I won the first prize of the photo competition ‘The harbor works’ I have been asked by ‘Het Loodswezen’ to publish a book. The book ‘Through the eyes of a pilot’ was published in 2008. In 2009 I was commissioned by the Foundation DelfSail to take pictures of the maritime event and book ‘Sail, with the warm heart’. In 2012 I won the third prize of the photo competition ‘Port of Amsterdam, the colorful port’.  In 2013, I was commissioned by the Foundation Sail Den Helder to photograph the maritime event and the book ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’. I have exhibited several times.

If I had to describe myself in just a few words, I wοuld choose simply the phrase ‘photographic storyteller’. As such, Ι love being an observer of real life, light and emotion. For me, real beauty lies in simplicity and naturalness, in the real feeling.