Port Klang, Malaysia.

Westports, Port Klang, January 9, 2012 9.15 am

Port Klang Malaysia, January 9, 2012  10.44 am
During our visit to Malaysia, we also paid a visit to Port Klang. Port Klang is the main port of Malaysia. Via the pilots in Singapore, I got the name of the chairman of the pilots in Westports of Port Klang. I have made contact with Captain Mazhazli Bin Jamaludin, Pilot Superintendent of Marine Department. He invited me to visit the pilots in Port Klang. On the way from Penang to Singapore, we planned an overnight stay in Klang. The next day we were searching for Westports of Port Klang. Westports is the gateway to the harbors of Port Klang. There were very strict security measures to get access. With police escort we were brought to the office of the pilots. Here we were very hospitably received by Capt. Mazhazli.