Pilots of Szczecin.

In Szczecin we had a warm welcome by Capt. Janusz Majewski, director and chief pilot of the Szczecin Pilot. He had arranged that I could sail with pilot Capt. Krzysztof Lewinski with the chemical tanker ‘Theodora’, length 117 m and breadth 17 m. The Director Capt. Janusz Majewsk brought me personally with a small pilot boat to the vessel. He also showed me with that pilot boat a part of the Port of Szczecin ┬áThe pilot trip was very varied and started with a 180 degree turn in the port of Szczecin. After we passed the pilot station we reached the rather shallow lake Zalew Szczecinski and followed the buoys. Through the narrow channel Piastowski we sailed via Swinoujscie to the Baltic sea. With the pilot tender we were brought to the pilot station in Swinoujscie. For more pictures see Pilots of Szczecin