Yearly Archives: 2011

The Harbour works.

Vlothavan Amsterdam, February 27 2006 11.41 am
In general there is a romantic image of the port. But the people in the port are working very hard. According to the jury of the photography competition “The Harbour works”  the picture indicates this subject very well. Therefore the picture won the first prize of the photography competition from the newspaper “Het Parool” and Port of Amsterdam.
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Vlothaven Amsterdam, February 27, 2006 11.18 am
Pilot Klaas Wester is berthing the bulk carrier ‘Coal Age’, length 225 m and wide 32 m, into the Vlothaven. He is assisted by tugs and boatmen. It’s like parking a big car. This photo is also in the headquarters of the EMPA (European Maritime Pilot Association) in Antwerp. According to the EMPA this picture shows exactly what a pilot actually is doing.
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Tugboat in action.

Vlothaven Amsterdam, February 27 2006 11.35 pm

The cooperation of the pilot with the crew of the tugs is very important. On the instructions of the pilot the tug pushes the Bulk carrier Çoal Age’ against the quay. It is an almost abstract image.

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Out to sea

North Sea, 12 miles outside IJmuiden, January 25, 2006, 13:05 pm

After an exciting journey through the Noordzeekanaal and passing the locks of IJmuiden, the pilot is picked up by a pilot tender and returned to IJmuiden. The giant tanker continues her own journey across the seas.

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My first maritime adventure

In 2006, during an exhibition I met Guus Leuveling Tjeenk. When I heard that he was not a photographer but maritime pilot, I asked him if I was allowed to sail once. A deal was quickly closed. In exchange for taking a few pictures of his last working day, I was allowed to sail. There was a whole new world for me! I was deeply impressed by everything I saw that trip, the boatmen, the tugs, the giant tanker, the captain and his crew and the work of the pilot.
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