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Pilots of Antwerp

On the river Scheldt towards the Belgian ports  both the Flemish and the Dutch pilots work closely together by pilotage services according to a specific distribution key. See my post:Pilots of the River Scheldt. In Vlissingen I accompagnied the Flemish pilots Patrick Corveleyn, Jacques Cruyl and Peter Coveliers by the maiden voyage of the containervessel MSC ‘Laurence’ (lenght 366 m and breadth 48 m) to the locks of Berendrecht. The purpose of the maiden voyage was to investigate whether it was possible to pass the locks at Berendrecht and berthing backwards in the MSC container terminal in Antwerp.

See for more pictures: Pilots of Antwerp

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Maiden voyage MSC ‘Laurence’.

River Scheldt, Antwerp June 12, 2011 12.16 pm
Barendrecht, Antwerp June 12, 2012 2.25 pm
Following the visit of the largest container ship CMA CGM ‘Marco Polo’ (length 396 m and breadth 54 m)  at Rotterdam. Yesterday in the middle of the night the largest container ship in the world (16.020 teu) arrived in Rotterdam. Unfortunately for photographers not the right time. Luckily last year I  had as part of  the project ‘Pilots of the World’, the opportunity to sail with a maiden voyage of the MSC ‘Laurence’ to Antwerp. At that time it was one of the largest container ships in the world (length 366 m and breadth 48 m). The purpose of the maiden voyage was to investigate whether it was possible to pass the locks at Berendrecht and berthing backwards in the MSC container terminal.
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Pilotage SEP ‘Neptune’

North Sea, near Thornton Bank, May 4 2012 2.16 pm

When the self-elevating heavy-lift jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’ has arrived at the North Sea and going to Thornton Bank, the pilots are ready to disembark. The pilot boat ‘Ravelingen’ lies alongside and both the crew of the SEP ‘Neptune’ and the men of the pilot boat helps the pilots to disembark. To sail with the ‘Neptune’ was a very special experience for me.

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SEP ‘Neptune’ in Oostende.

Oostende, Belgium May 4 2012 13.00 pm
In Oostende I had the opportunity to sail with the (dynamic positioning) self-elevating heavy-lift jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’. The vessel is equipped with a dedicated 600-tonne crane that is fully integrated into the hull. The Neptune is used for the transport and installation of offshore windturbines and any other heavy marime structures. The hull performs the installation of the 48 wind turbines for the second and third stages of the C-Power offshore wind farm on the Thornton Bank off the Belgian coast. The pilots mr. Duquet and mr. Van Laere are manoeuvring the 60-metre long and 38-metre wide vessel. It was very impressive.
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Pilot tender “Guido Gezelle” on River Scheldt.

Vlissingen, June 12, 2011 8.27 am

During a photo shoot for the Flemish Pilotage I photographed the piloting of the “Sardinia” of the Wilson Line. In Vlissingen the Flemish pilot tender “Guido Gezelle” brings the pilot on board.

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Waiting for the river pilots.

The  River Elbe near Tinsdal, 17th of august 2011 16.00 hours

After the pilot boat “Lotse 2” put two harbor pilots on board, to sail to Hamburg, the two river pilots can leave the ship. The container ship “Cosco Beijing” is 350 meters long and 42 meters wide.

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Swath “Westdiep” in actie.

Kruispost West, Oostende, 15 juli 2011 om 9.24 uur

Het blijft een fantastisch gezicht. De hypermoderne Swath “Westdiep” brengt de loods
naar de Vlaamse loodskotter nr. 1, die op de Wandelaar ligt.  

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