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Rowing boat ‘Laura G’ of Loodswezen during ‘Grachtenrace’


It remains a very tough race, 23 km through the canals and surrounding rivers of Amsterdam. But the pilots of the rowing boat ‘Laura G’ of Het Loodswezen, Region Amsterdam-IJmond are doing very well. Here they have just passed the Frans Hendriksz Oetgensbridge between the Prinsengracht and the Amstel. After a sporting race ‘Laura G’ crosses the finish in 2.30.19 hrs.

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Pilotage by helicopter

Saturday February 9, 2013 I suddenly got the opportunity to go with the pilots of Amsterdam on a special mission, namely a pilotage by helicopter. Deep draft vessels coming to the Port of IJmuiden are restricted because of the tide. These vessels have to use the so called IJ-geul. The IJ-geul is a man made channel at the North Sea, 450 metres wide and 25 miles long, accessible for vessels with a maximum draft of 17.8 meters. For safety reasons these vessels are always piloted by two specially trained pilots who use state-of-the-art navigational equipment. The pilots get to the vessel by helicopter and board near the helicopter rendez-vous area at the entrance to the IJ-geul. The bulk carrier “Cape Sunrise” (length 292 m, width 45 m, draft 16,5 m), a so called cape-sizer, heading to the IJ-palen at Tata Steel, was piloted by Wiggele Warnar and Roelof Favot, pilots of the Region Amsterdam-IJmond.


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What is a ship without a crew? (2)

Westpoort, Amsterdam, July 26, 2012 5.15 pm.
The cooperation is very important when mooring the chemical tanker Utkilen Xantia. After the mooringlines are run through the hawse hole, the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” transport the lines with a special boat to the shore. The pilot indicates both the boatmen and the crew how the tanker can be moored.
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The nominated pictures of Photography competition and exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”.

IJpromenade, Amsterdam September 19, 2012 

I have three pictures submitted for the Photography competition of the Port of Amsterdam. Two of my photos were nominated for the best 20 photographes and included in the photo exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”. A professional jury consisting of Dertje Meijer (Director Port of Amsterdam), Johannes Dalhuijsen (Chief picture editors of  “De Telegraaf”) and Wilbert Gieske (actor) selected the photos.

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Two pictures selected for exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19 2012 5.10 pm

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19, 2012 5.09 pm

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19, 2012 5.11 pm

Two of my pictures have been nominated for Photography competition “Colorful Harbor”, organized by Port of Amsterdam, De Telegraaf”(newspaper) and Sp!ts (newspaper). The exhibition “Port of Amsterdam colorful Harbor”will take place from 20th of September untill 14th of november 2012 in front of EYE, Filminstitute Netherlands, IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam.

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Safari in the Port of Amsterdam!

Westhaven, September 1, 2012 9.36 pm

On Safari in the Port of Amsterdam and reach places where others are not allowed. A great experience! And look for “The big Five” just like a real Safari. The port crane “Het Nijlpaard” (Hippopotamus), was one of “The big Five”. The other four you can find yourself at the Harbor Safari on Saturdaynight in September.


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Pilotage MT Louise Knutsen

IJmuiden, March 23, 2012, 3.15 – 7.32 pm

On 23th of March I also made a photo shoot of the Chemical Carrier “Louise Knutsen”. Pilot Kees van Heeringen of the pilotage Amsterdam-IJmond maneuvered the vessel from the North Sea and the locks of IJmuiden to Oil Tanking in Amerikahaven. You can see the presentation in HD full screen on youtube:


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MT Louise Knutsen by night.

Amerikahaven, Amsterdam March 23, 2012 7.30 pm

It is wonderful to see that it slowly gets dark. Everywhere there are lights that give the area a wonderful sight.   
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MT Louise Knutsen

IJmuiden, March 23, 2012 5.43 pm
The pilot Kees van Heeringen of the Pilotage Amsterdam-IJmond maneuvered the chemical tanker “Louise Knutsen” in the locks of IJmuiden. The crew is ready to operate the winches for mooring. It is dangerous work at the winches because they control a lot of forces. They are experienced guys who can operate the winches.
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