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World Port Days in Rotterdam (1)

Rotterdam, September 8, 2012 11.36 am

I paid a visit to the World Port Center and enjoyed the interactive presentation “The complete story of the Port” by the Rotterdam Port Authority of the Rotterdam Port & Industrial Area. A very interesting presentation and afterwards I had a magnificient view of the port from the 17th floor of the World Port Center.

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Safari in the Port of Amsterdam!

Westhaven, September 1, 2012 9.36 pm

On Safari in the Port of Amsterdam and reach places where others are not allowed. A great experience! And look for “The big Five” just like a real Safari. The port crane “Het Nijlpaard” (Hippopotamus), was one of “The big Five”. The other four you can find yourself at the Harbor Safari on Saturdaynight in September.


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Harbour Festival IJmuiden.

IJmuiden, August 25, 2012, 2.15 pm
IJmuiden, August 25, 2012, 2.43 pm

Despite the sudden rainfall a great festival in the beautiful harbour of IJmuiden  Well organized with many nice people from the region. Many nautical events and demonstrations, but also art, activities for children, street theatres, concerts of pop, world and classical music, poetry and film.


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The pilots of Rouen (Seine).

Seine, France April 28 2012, 3.49 pm

Seine, Quai de Danemark, France April 28 2012, 3.58 pm

As  part of my project “Pilots of the world” I visited the maritime pilots of Rouen (Seine). The Russian ship “Marianne” is moved from Quai de France to Quai de Danemark. Despite the bad weather, the work continues.

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Arrival of the Götheborg in Den Helder.

Den Helder, July 5, 2012 at 3:16 am

The Swedish Replica of Eastindiaman “Götheborg” has been visited Den Helder.
It was a Pre-Sail visit before Sail Den Helder 2013. As part of  “Marinedagen 2012” many people has visited the ship. During Sail Den Helder 2013 (20 – 23th of August 2013)  the replica “Götheborg” also will be present. For more pictures click on link.


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Pilotage MT Louise Knutsen

IJmuiden, March 23, 2012, 3.15 – 7.32 pm

On 23th of March I also made a photo shoot of the Chemical Carrier “Louise Knutsen”. Pilot Kees van Heeringen of the pilotage Amsterdam-IJmond maneuvered the vessel from the North Sea and the locks of IJmuiden to Oil Tanking in Amerikahaven. You can see the presentation in HD full screen on youtube:


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Pilot tender “Guido Gezelle” on River Scheldt.

Vlissingen, June 12, 2011 8.27 am

During a photo shoot for the Flemish Pilotage I photographed the piloting of the “Sardinia” of the Wilson Line. In Vlissingen the Flemish pilot tender “Guido Gezelle” brings the pilot on board.

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MT Louise Knutsen by night.

Amerikahaven, Amsterdam March 23, 2012 7.30 pm

It is wonderful to see that it slowly gets dark. Everywhere there are lights that give the area a wonderful sight.   
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MT Louise Knutsen

IJmuiden, March 23, 2012 5.43 pm
The pilot Kees van Heeringen of the Pilotage Amsterdam-IJmond maneuvered the chemical tanker “Louise Knutsen” in the locks of IJmuiden. The crew is ready to operate the winches for mooring. It is dangerous work at the winches because they control a lot of forces. They are experienced guys who can operate the winches.
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