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Pilots of Rouen (3).



The Seine Maritime, France April 29 12.04 am

The Seine is a beautiful river that meanders through the landscape of the English Channel at Le Havre from Rouen to Paris. The landscape is very varied. From Le Havre, the tidal section of the river goes to well beyond Rouen and ocean going vessels can get 120 km down from the sea where they can dock. The landscape is very varied. I have seen hills, limestone cliffs, small communities, ancient towns with gothic cathedrals and many small ferries and beautiful skies. It is a wonderful journey.

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Pilots of Rouen (2).

Seine, Boulevard Stalingrad, France April 29 2012

In Rouen I sailed with pilot David Robert with the chemical tanker “Forres Park” (length 183 meters and 32 meters wide). First of all the boatmen sail the pilot to the ship. It is a beautiful journey of 120 km across the Seine to the English Channel. The journey is done by two pilots. The change of pilots occurs at Caudebec en Caux. For me it was not possible to sail all the way to the sea because of the weather (heavy wind).

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Pilotage Tall Ship “Sörlandet”.


Delfzijl, August 26 2009, 6.22 am

During the Sail Out of DelfSail 2009 I sailed with pilot Erik Koenz during the pilotage of the Norwegian tall ship “Sörlandet” from Delfzijl direction Borkum. The ship “Sörlandet” is a former school ship, now used for offering  adventure sailings for young people of all ages”, based in Kristiansand. What I particularly liked that the crew consisted of many women.


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Pilotage Tall Ship “Cisne Branco”

Eemshaven, August 22, 2009 5.18 am

During DelfSail I had the opportunity to sail with the pilot on the “Cisne Branco”. It was an early start but worthwhile. The weather was good and the light was beautiful. On the way from Eemshaven to the “Cisne Branco” I had a beautiful sight on the other ships. When we arrived at the “Cisne Branco” everyone was still asleep and the deck was complete empty. Later the sailors and crew climbed up the mast and the rigging to prepare the ship to sail. Of the pilotage I made a photo shoot and a compilation I put in a YouTube video (including with Brazilian music from Joao Gilberto).

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Russian Tall Ship Sedov leaves Rostock (2)


Rostock, Germany May 28 2012 5.14 pm

After a last salute from captain Nikolay Zorchenko, the marine pilot leaves the Sedov via the pilot ladder. The pilot is assisted by the crew. The Sedov is starting her journey around the world for one year.

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Russian Tall Ship Sedov leaves Rostock (1)

Rostock, Germany May 28 2012 4.57 pm

My favorite ship is the Russian tall ship ‘Sedov’ from Moermansk. Upon arrival in Rostock she lays there in full glory. It is the second time I am on board for pilotage. In 2009 I was on board for the pilotage during the arrival of the ships for DelfSail 2009. Along the way to Eemshaven we had very bad wheather. Now the weather is beautiful and the pilotage only takes half an hour. The Sedov starts her journey around the world.

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HMS Bounty sank off the coast of North Carolina.

Near Eemshaven, August 22, 2009 5.55 am. 

Yesterday the three mast tall ship H.M.S. ‘Bounty’ sank off the coast of North Carolina after it caught in Hurricane Sandy. The US Coast Guard rescued 14 of the 16 crew members after the ship started taking on water. One crew member was found death later and the captain is still missing. My prayers are with them all. The Bounty, 55 meter long, is a replica of the ship of the same name famous for the mutiny of its crew in the 18th century. Built for the 1962 film ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ it was on its way from Connecticut on the north-east coast of the US to Florida. The ship was the star at DelfSail 2009.
For the impressive rescue of HMS Bounty click on link:!

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Pilotage Tall Ship ‘Cuauhtemoc’ in Den Helder.

Den Helder, August 19, 2008 8,44 am

At maritime events also tall ships are guided by a pilot. During Sail Den Helder the tall ship ‘Çuauhtemoc’ , a Mexican training ship sails under supervision of pilot Roon Heimel to her berth. The crew is working hard on a special arrival.

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Pilotage SEP ‘Neptune’

North Sea, near Thornton Bank, May 4 2012 2.16 pm

When the self-elevating heavy-lift jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’ has arrived at the North Sea and going to Thornton Bank, the pilots are ready to disembark. The pilot boat ‘Ravelingen’ lies alongside and both the crew of the SEP ‘Neptune’ and the men of the pilot boat helps the pilots to disembark. To sail with the ‘Neptune’ was a very special experience for me.

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SEP ‘Neptune’ in Oostende.

Oostende, Belgium May 4 2012 13.00 pm
In Oostende I had the opportunity to sail with the (dynamic positioning) self-elevating heavy-lift jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’. The vessel is equipped with a dedicated 600-tonne crane that is fully integrated into the hull. The Neptune is used for the transport and installation of offshore windturbines and any other heavy marime structures. The hull performs the installation of the 48 wind turbines for the second and third stages of the C-Power offshore wind farm on the Thornton Bank off the Belgian coast. The pilots mr. Duquet and mr. Van Laere are manoeuvring the 60-metre long and 38-metre wide vessel. It was very impressive.
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