Great news: my pictures are used for an article about the transfer of the Russian tallship ‘Sedov’.


Just before departure, the Russian Tall Ship ‘Sedov’ was transferred from the Murmansk State Technical University to Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU). On the 17th of June 2017 there was a press conference with the Russian television with rector Vladimir Volkogon (KSTU). On the 18th of June the vessel started her first voyage of 2017 and first under the flag of Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy (BFFSA). Now, The BFFSA operates two of the biggest Russian sail training ships – Kruzenshtern and Sedov. The Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy used 7 pictures of me in an article about the transfer of Barque Sedov.

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A dream comes true: sailing with the tall ship ‘Sedov’.

WL-192-95874I have been aboard the Russian Tall Ship ‘Sedov’ several times during pilotages, but I have never sailed with full sails. A dream comes true! I am sailing from Kaliningrad (Russia) to Den Helder. I am excited. The Tall Ship ‘Sedov’ will be present during Sail Den Helder 2017 from 22 – 25th of June 2017.

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