Impressions of the Tall Ship Races Stavanger 2018

From 25th untill 29th of July 2018 I was at work during the Tall Ship Races Stavanger 2018 in Norway. The Tall Ships Races is a sailing event with a race in Northern Europe, that has the aim to unite people and especially the youth – no matter what nationality, gender or religion people have. Stavanger was visited by 67 (tall) ships from 17 countries with estimated 2.500 crewmembers. See for more pictures Sail Stavanger 2018


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Frigate F363 Niels Juel leaves Port of Amsterdam

Catawiki1Yesterday I have spotted the frigate F363 Niels Juel (length 139 m and width 31 m) by leaving the Port of Amsterdam.  The frigate belongs to the Iver Huitfeldt class and is a three-ship class of frigates that entered service with the Royal Danish Navy. Because it is forbidden to enter the Port of Amsterdam with a pleasure boat I was escorted by a patrol boat of the Port Of Amsterdam.

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Transfer Barque ‘Sedov’ to Kaliningrad State Technical University

WL-220-100430MT-100430Just before departure, the Russian Tall Ship ‘Sedov’ was transferred from the Murmansk State Technical University to Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU). On the 17th of June 2017 there was a press conference with the Russian television with captain Viktor Nikolin and rector Vladimir Volkogon (KSTU). On the 18th of June the vessel started her first voyage of 2017 and first under the flag of Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy (BFFSA). See also my post

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An adventurous journey with the Russian tall ship ‘Sedov’ from Svetly (Russia) to Den Helder.

WL-219-MT-100223In June 2017 I sailed with the Russian tall ship ‘Sedov’, from Svetliy (Kaliningrad Russia) to Den Helder (The Netherlands). The coming days I will tell you something about the life aboard this beautiful sailing ship. On 16th of June I went on board the Barque ‘Sedov’ and sailed from Svetliy (Russia) to Den Helder (The Netherlands) In Den Helder the barque would participate in Sail Den Helder 2017 and I was commisioned to take pictures of this maritime event.


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Exhibition AmbtArt 2017/2018

websiteThe exhibition, which has been organized by the Municipality of Amsterdam gives an impression of the various art forms of the creative officials of the Council of Amsterdam. The art forms are photography, fine arts and media. I exhibit with a photograph ‘Guidance to a safe heaven’. The exhibition AmbtArt2017 is open from 21th of November – 30th of April 2018 during weekdays from 8.30 – 18.00 pm at voormalige Stadstimmertuinen 4-6, Amsterdam.

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