SEP ‘Neptune’ in Oostende.

Oostende, Belgium May 4 2012 13.00 pm
In Oostende I had the opportunity to sail with the (dynamic positioning) self-elevating heavy-lift jack-up vessel ‘Neptune’. The vessel is equipped with a dedicated 600-tonne crane that is fully integrated into the hull. The Neptune is used for the transport and installation of offshore windturbines and any other heavy marime structures. The hull performs the installation of the 48 wind turbines for the second and third stages of the C-Power offshore wind farm on the Thornton Bank off the Belgian coast. The pilots mr. Duquet and mr. Van Laere are manoeuvring the 60-metre long and 38-metre wide vessel. It was very impressive.
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Containers in Rotterdam.

Prins Willem Alexanderhaven, Rotterdam April 22, 2011 10.05 am
For my project “Pilots of the World” I visited the Port of Rotterdam, one of the biggest harbors in the world. I was guided by Herman Broers, President of the Rotterdam Pilots. He had to work as a pilot once in a while to keep his licence as a pilot. We had several pilot trips. With the container vessel “Katharina B” (100 meters long and 18 meters wide) we sailed from the pilot station at the Nord Sea to the Interforest Terminal  at Prins Willem Alexanderhaven in Rotterdam. During berthing master and pilot keep an eye on it.
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What is a ship without a crew?(3)

Seine, Quai de Danemark, France April 28, 2012 4.17 pm

Strange I have never seen the crew pulling the lines this way during mooring. Because the deck of the Russian ship “Marianne” was very slippery, it was difficult. It strucks me that the boatmen had not fixed the lines on a clamp of their boat.

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What is a ship without a crew? (2)

Westpoort, Amsterdam, July 26, 2012 5.15 pm.
The cooperation is very important when mooring the chemical tanker Utkilen Xantia. After the mooringlines are run through the hawse hole, the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” transport the lines with a special boat to the shore. The pilot indicates both the boatmen and the crew how the tanker can be moored.
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What is a ship without a crew? (1)

Westhaven, Amsterdam July 31, 2012 12.54 am


Westhaven, Amsterdam July 31, 2012 13.02 am

What I like most on ships is photographing the crew. Therefore I will add a separate section on my blog.  Especially the mooring is spectacular. For large cables winches are used. The crew is very small in comparison with the mooring arrangement. The anchor winch is impressive. This pictures were taken by mooring Autoliner Höegh Trotter.

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World Port Days in Rotterdam (5)

  Rotterdam, September 8, 2012 at 4.43 pm

Recently I have visited the ECT Delta Terminal in Rotterdam, the largest containerterminal in Europe. Equipped with a helmet and safety jacket I climbed up in a straddle carrier to see how the containers are moved. A great experience! A bit difficult to photograph because you actually need both hands to hold you tight, especially if the scradlle moves.

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The nominated pictures of Photography competition and exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”.

IJpromenade, Amsterdam September 19, 2012 

I have three pictures submitted for the Photography competition of the Port of Amsterdam. Two of my photos were nominated for the best 20 photographes and included in the photo exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”. A professional jury consisting of Dertje Meijer (Director Port of Amsterdam), Johannes Dalhuijsen (Chief picture editors of  “De Telegraaf”) and Wilbert Gieske (actor) selected the photos.

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Two pictures selected for exhibition “Port of Amsterdam, colorful Harbor”

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19 2012 5.10 pm

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19, 2012 5.09 pm

IJpromenade, Amsterdam, September 19, 2012 5.11 pm

Two of my pictures have been nominated for Photography competition “Colorful Harbor”, organized by Port of Amsterdam, De Telegraaf”(newspaper) and Sp!ts (newspaper). The exhibition “Port of Amsterdam colorful Harbor”will take place from 20th of September untill 14th of november 2012 in front of EYE, Filminstitute Netherlands, IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam.

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World Port Days in Rotterdam (4)

Rotterdam, September 8,  2012 5.30 pm

Rotterdam, September 8, 2012 5.32 pm

Altough the ECT Delta Terminal is automated the terminal employs some 2.300 people. Many of whom work in continuous shifts. The cranes that move the containers are enormous. This also applies to the giant wheels.

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World Port Days in Rotterdam (3)

Rotterdam, September 8, 2012 5.26 pm

Rotterdam, September 8, 2012, 5.22 pm

A visit to the ECT Delta Terminal is a great experience. The Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is the leading and most advanced container terminal in Europe. ECT invented and introduced the automated container terminal as well as many other innovations. Automated terminals use Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to transport the containers between the ship and the container stack where Automated Stacking Cranes (ASCs) take over.

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