Pilots of The Netherlands

Nederlands Loodswezen is the organisation which contributes to the safe and efficient handling of shipping traffic. Their main task is to guide more than 90,000 sea-going vessels a year which are subject to compulsory pilotage into and out of the Dutch and Flemish seaports. Nederlands Loodswezen became an independent organisation in 1988. Since the privatisation, they have been operating through two divisions: Nederlandse Loodsencorporatie or NLC (Dutch Maritime Pilot’s Association) and Nederlands Loodswezen BV or NLBV (Dutch Pilotage Service). The Pilotage Act states that the registered pilot has the task to provide pilotage services. Some 460 registered pilots take care of the pilotage of sea-going vessels. NLBV is an organisation which focuses specifically on supporting registered pilots in the execution of their professional duties. The services consist of administrative tasks and transport pilots to and from sea-going ships. NLBV does this from the office in Hook of Holland and four regions. As no two ports are the same, they work from four regions: North, Amsterdam-IJmond, Rotterdam-Rijnmond and Scheldemonden. Registered pilots mainly operate from one single region.