Honorable mention for Photography competition “Present & past of the North Sea Canal area”.

WL-160-67000I received an honorable mention from Elisabeth Post, deputy of the Province of North Holland for the photography competition “Present & Past of the North Sea Canal area”. The honorable mention was given for the category working. With over 300 pictures give an impression of the historical and contemporary significance of the North Sea Canal area. The photography competition was organized by the Stichting Projectbureau Masterplan Noordzeekanaalgebied. This office is connected to the European Year of Industrial and Technical Heritage and Culture Festival Industry. The historical significance of the North Sea Canal area is very important.  Photographers were asked to send their photos in three categories: working, housing and recreation. The jury consisted of Peter van den Doel, director DuPho (Dutch Photographers, professional organization for photography) and director Spaarnestad Fotoarchief, Elisabeth Post, deputy of the Province of North Holland and Peter Schat, editor of Holland Media Combination.