Port of Amsterdam

Westhaven, Amsterdam, September 15, 2007 4.50 pm

The Port of Amsterdam is for me the place to be. For seven years now I take pictures in this important port. The port area Amsterdam is 2600 ha. and handles almost 93 million metric tons of cargo annually. It ranks as number 4 port of Europe. It is in Europe the most important petrol port and in the world number 1 cacao port. On the picture you can see the mooring of the bulk carrier ‘Alpha Millennium’ at OBA (Overslag Bedrijf Amsterdam). The Amsterdam Port Authority ‘Port of Amsterdam’ is still part of the local government, but from April 2013 it is becoming a private company. Through my assignment at the Dutch Pilot Association, region Amsterdam-IJmond I have accompanied pilots on dozens of voyages. See for more pictures: pilot voyages