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Pilot cutter ‘Eems no.1’ during Sail In Parade DelfSail 2016.

WL-182- During the Sail Parade in DelfSail the pilot cutter ‘Eems no. 1’ was also present. The pilot cutter Eems No. 1 is a replica of a Dutch pilot cutter of this name from Delfzijl, which sank on March 22, 1874 during a heavy storm north of Schiermonnikoog. The boat has a length of 28 m and a width of 5 m. It is possible to sail with the cutter.

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Another picture used by DelfSail 2016


Another photo taken during DelfSail 2009 hanged life-size on a poster in the centre of Delfzijl during DelfSail 2016. The photo also has been used in a press release. The photo is anonymously used without my permission. Again I am not amused.

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