Yearly Archives: 2016

The opening of the ‘Kieldrechtsluis’ in Belgium.

From the largest Ferris wheel in Europe ( 55 m high) you have a wonderful view of the biggest lock in the world which has been inaugurated on June 10, 2016. The Kieldrechtsluis is 500 m long, 68 m wide and 17.8 m deep. In the background you can see the Deurganckdok and the nuclear power station Doel.

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Boatmen waiting for the next job.


In the port of Amsterdam the boatmen of ‘De Koperen Ploeg’ (the copper gang) are assisting the mooring, unmooring and shifting of sea-going vessels. They are maneuvering with small boats the lines from the vessels to the quay. Sometimes they have to wait before the vessel is ready to leave. Here the KP2 is waiting for the chemical/oil tanker ‘Jinan’ length 176 m and width 31 m to leave.

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The Royal Barge.

The Royal Barge was built for King Wiilliam I of The Netherlands between 1816 and 1818. Such an extravagant vessel is in accordance with his status and is intended for use at official and festive events. This is in keeping with the centuries-old tradition of prominent people travelling in luxury and richly decorated vessels. Although King William I did not use The Royal Barge, his successors did. Th barge took to the water for the last time at the silver wedding anniversary of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 1962. In 1983, The Royal Barge moved to The National Museum. After the renovation of the museum the vessel returns in 2015 in a specially designed boathouse.

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