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Interesting visit to the Port of Terneuzen.

WL-163-91645After my visit to the ‘Portaal van Vlaanderen’ I had a boattrip in the port of Terneuzen. The Port of Terneuzen is situated on the Western Scheldt about 30 km from the North Sea. Covering an area of 21.000 hectares the port stretches along the river to include the outer Braakman Harbour, site of the chemical complex of Dow Chemical and up the Genth-Terneuzen canal. About 2.500 sea-going vessels and 10.000 inland vessels call at the Port of Terneuzen each year and 14 million tonnes of cargo is handled.

In the picture you can see the inland vessel ‘Bonanza’ length 132 meters and width 11 meters up the Genth-Terneuzen canal. Unfortunately there were no big sea-going vessels at that time.

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The locks of Terneuzen (Netherlands).


I had a very interesting visit with a guide of ‘Portaal van Vlaanderen’ to visit the locks of Terneuzen. The locks of Terneuzen form a complex which provides access from the Westerschelde to the Ghent-Terneuzen canal and thus to the port of Ghent (Belgium). The complex now consists of three locks. The eldest, called ‘Middensluis’, opened in 1910, has a length of 140 meters and a width of 18 meters.The ‘Oostersluis’ or inland navigation lock, which has a length of 280 meters and a width of 23 meters. On the picture you can see the ‘Westsluis’ or sea lock, which has a length of 290 meters and a width of 40 meters. It is suitable for ships with a draft of 12.5 meters and a capacity of 83,000 tons. Each year the locks are passed through approximately 10,000 seagoing vessels, more than 50,000 inland vessels, and a 3,000 pleasure boats.

There is an agreement to built the New Lock Terneuzen between Belgium and the Netherlands. The New Lock Terneuzen will roughly be as long and as wide as the renewed locks on the Panama Canal. The new lock will have the following dimensions: 427 metres in length, 55 metres in width and a depth of 16.44 metres and will be built inside the present lock complex at Terneuzen. It is expected that the lock will be ready in 2021. It is very interesting to come so close and watch the big seagoing vessels in the lock but also to follow the new project.

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