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Tug Thetis in action in IJmuiden (2)

Also on a tug you have wonderful views. It remains a challenge to find the special photography spots. It is good to be careful because there are steep stairs and especially when the tug is pulling ships many forces are released.  Sometimes it seems that the ship is pulled down.

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Tug Thetis in the locks of IJmuiden.


On board of the tug ‘Thetis’, length 29 m and width 11 m I saw how Captain Dirkzwager sailed from the port of IJmuiden to the locks to assist to maneuver the bulk carrier AS ‘Victoria’ into the locks of IJmuiden. The tug ‘Hercules’ dragged the bulk carrier at the bow into the locks. The bulk carrier AS ‘Victoria’, length 190 m and width 33 m, was on her way to the Amerikahaven in Port of Amsterdam.

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