Monthly Archives: September 2014

Difficult manoeuvre in the Mercuriushaven Amsterdam.

On board of the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’, length 229 meters and width 32 meters I noticed a difficult manoeuvre by pilot Leen Kranendonk. He had to pass the bulk carrier ‘Hanjin Odessa’, length 255 meters and width 43 meters, in the Mercuriushaven in the Port of Amsterdam. It was interesting to see how he succeeded..

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Demonstration pilots during World Port Days in Rotterdam.


During World Port Days in Rotterdam there was an impressive demonstration of the pilotage by helicopter on the pilot boat ‘Pollux’, lenght 81 m and breadth 13 m. Lots of people were watching how the pilot was lowered on the deck of the pilot boat and then was hoisted by the helicopter..

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Last working day of a pilot (2).


On board of of the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’ I saw how the pilot boat ‘Lacerta’, length 24 m and breadth 6 m disappeared to the next vessel to pick up the pilot. I like to see how the pilot boat sailed away in the North Sea.

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