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Sailing on board of the barque ‘Europe’.


During the Parade of Sail in Harlingen I spotted this woman. As part of the training she was helping to shut down the sails on board of the barque ‘Europe’. It”s a beautiful sight. Especially because she is working on her bare feet.

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Pilotage of the Russian Tall Ship ‘Kruzenshtern’ during Sailing Parade into Harlingen.


During the Sailing Parade into Harlingen the Russian Tall Ship ‘Kruzenshtern’ was piloted by Johan de Joode, president/manager operations of the region North of the Dutch Pilots’ Association. Despite all the modern developments piloting is still done with a rope ladder. It is very impressive to see.
The Tall Ship ‘Kruszenshtern’ is my favorite tall ship. She is a four masted barque, length 114 m and width 14 m and is one of the biggest tall ships in the world. She belongs to the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (Kaliningrad). The ‘Kruzenshtern’ is today a sail training vessel, training students of the maritime training institutions of the Federal Fishery Agency.

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Sailing Parade into Harlingen launches The Tall Ships Races 2014.


The barque ‘Europe’ is one of the Tall Ships who participated in the Saling Parade into Harlingen which launches the Tall Ships Races 2014. This great event started  with a grand port event in Harlingen from 3-6 July with activities for young and old. This will be the first Tall Ships event in Harlingen and the most impressive event of the year in the northern region of The Netherlands. The Parade of Sail into the harbour was very spectacular. Especially the arrival of the barque  ‘Europe’, in full sail, drew large crowds as she enjoyed a rousing homecoming as she returned from her recent world tour.

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