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Pilots of Bangkok (3)

As we are close by the Bangkok Bar Pilot Station we are picked up by the pilot boat. Through the pilot ladder we disembark and are transported to the station. The Bangkok Bar Pilot Station is established in 1874. It has a round cylindrical tower with lantern, mounted on a 3-story concrete building standing on piles. The entire structure is painted with red and white horizontal bands. There is a helipad on the roof of the building. The vessels entering Bangkok must stop to pick up a pilot. Located about 10 mi south of the entrance to the Chao Phraya River, which leads to Bangkok.

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Boatmen are ready to leave

ADM-Haven Amsterdam, January 20, 2013 4.39 pm

Despite the blizzard the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” have to do their job. I wanted to see the harbour during bad weather. So we drove the car on the slippery road to the Port of Amsterdam. Nobody was outside. At the office of “De Koperen Ploeg” I got permission to take pictures of the surroundings. I took some pictures but it was very cold, wet and slippery. The snow hurt my eyes. I didn’t get permission to sail with the boatmen, because it was too dangerous. I was a little disappointed because I want to take pictures of the difficult circumstances they have during wintertime, but I understand that safety for all people is most important.

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Blizzard in Port of Amsterdam

ADM-haven, Amsterdam January 20, 2013 4.42 pm

During wintertime in the Netherlands sometimes it can be very bad weather. With snow and heavy wind vessels must also be served. Dockers, boatmen and people of Port of Amsterdam have to do their jobs.

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The new Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, December 27, 2012 4.39 pm

Recently I have visited Het Scheepvaartmuseum (the National Marine Museum) in Amsterdam. It has been thoroughly renovated and looks beautiful. Especially the open courtyard is stunning and has become a magnificent public square. Also the museum inside has been completely redesigned. The collection is grouped according to themes.Of course you find The Golden Age, but also the presentation of the Port of Amsterdam in 24/7. The visit to the museum starts with an exciting virtual voyage at sea. It is worth a visit.

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