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A Happy and Healthy 2014!

Nieuwjaarskaart 2014As all travellers, we have seen more than we remember

and we remember more than we have seen.

A happy and healthy 2014 and keep on travelling.

Mirjam Terpstra & Ton Reijntjes


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A special offshore tug/supply ship in Aberdeen.


In the harbour of Aberdeen I saw this beautiful vessel. It was an offshore tug/supply ship called ‘Maersk Lifter’, length 90 m and width 40 m. I was impressed by the special structure of the colors. She was ready for berthing. The helmsman is waiting for her.

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Impressions of Sail Den Helder 2013.


During Sail Den Helder 2013 I was commissioned by the Foundation of Sail Den Helder 2013 to take pictures of the most divers activities. For me it was a special event. I took pictures of the pilotage of the tall ships ‘Falken’, ‘Sedov’, ‘Sahab Oman’ and ‘Lisa von Lubeck’. During the visit of King Willem Alexander I was on board the tall ship  ‘Juan Sebastian de Elcano’, the Spanish sail training ship. I met special people on board of the tall ships and enjoyed to take pictures of the activities very much. Despite the bad weather, lots of rain and wind I managed to take pictures of a lot of activities of this event. For an impression you can see Maritime/Events/Sail Den Helder 2013/Impressions of Sail Den Helder.

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Pilotage HMS Falken during Sail Den Helder.


During Sail Den Helder 2013 I was invited to sail with the ‘HMS Falken’. I accompanied the pilots Tobias Lofvers and Jellle Douma of Loodswezen, region Amsterdam-IJmond, to the anchorage on the Rede van Texel. There all the tall ships assembled for the Fleet Review on Thursday 20th June.The Falken is a Royal Swedish Navy sail training schooner. The vessel is 39 meters long and 7 meters wide and is part of a Schooner Squadron that helps train cadets of the Royal Swedish Navy. The cadets get a strong foundation of basic seamanship during their weeks aboard.  For many it is their first time at sea. It was also my first time I visited the beautiful vessel and hospitable crew. You cab find more information about the pilotage of ‘HMS Falken’ on my website under Martime/Events/Sail Den Helder 2013/Pilotage HMS Falken


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Photobook ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’

WL-119-71575During Sail Den Helder 2013 I sailed on the tall ship ‘Sedov’ to the anchorage on the Rede van Texel. There all the tall ships assembled for the Fleet Review on Thursday 20th June. The STS Sedov is a 4-masted steel barque and for almost 80 years she was the largest traditional sailing ship in operation. Originally built as a German cargo ship, the Sedov is today a sail training vessel, training cadets from the universities of Murmansk, Saint Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. It was the third time I sailed with the ‘Sedov’. It is one of my favorite tall ships. I like the old details and the Russian people. This picture is published in the photobook  ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’. See how to order this photo book under Publications on my website.

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Rowing boat ‘Laura G’ of Loodswezen during ‘Grachtenrace’


It remains a very tough race, 23 km through the canals and surrounding rivers of Amsterdam. But the pilots of the rowing boat ‘Laura G’ of Het Loodswezen, Region Amsterdam-IJmond are doing very well. Here they have just passed the Frans Hendriksz Oetgensbridge between the Prinsengracht and the Amstel. After a sporting race ‘Laura G’ crosses the finish in 2.30.19 hrs.

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Port of Amsterdam and Loodswezen opponents during ‘Grachtenrace’.


The Port of Amsterdam and Het Loodswezen, region Amsterdam-IJmond are working closely together in the harbour of Amsterdam. Yesterday they were opponents during the 27th version of the ‘Grachtenrace’. The ‘Grachtenrace’ is a rowing boat race of 23 km with 130 rowing boats in the canals and surroundings of Amsterdam. It is a beautiful race to see. The rowing boat of the Port of Amsterdam ‘Boomsluiter’ ended the 16th place. The rowing boat of Het Loodswezen, Region Amsterdam-IJmond ‘Laura G’ ended the 86th place.

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Photo book ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’ now for sale!

PU-0101-Sail Den Helder 2013

I am proud to announce you my partiicpation in the photo book ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’. This book pictures the nautical event from 20 until 23 June 2013. Several photographers were commissioned by the Foundation of Sail Den Helder 2013 to take pictures of the most divers activities. This year Sail Den Helder coincided with the Naval Days, because of the celebration of 525 years of organised naval power in The Netherlands. The Navy celebrated 200 years since the Navy received the royal seal of approval. The navies around the world accepted the invitation to come to Den Helder for this unique nautical event. Their decorated training ships with crews from faraway cultures gave this event an unprecedented charisma. So arose a complete and varied photographic overview of the four-day Sail Den Helder. About 330.000 visitors enjoyed this unique event. See how to order this photo book under Publications on my website.


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Presentation photobook ‘Sail Den Helder 2013’


During Sail Den Helder 2013 there is always a crew parade. After the parade I spotted a crew member on board of RNOV ‘Shabab Oman’. She is a barquentine which serves as training_ship for the Royal Navy of Oman. Despite the cold and wet weather there was a lot of music and dance.

This picture will be published in the book ‘Sail Den Helder 2013′. This evening the book will be presented to the sponsors of Sail Den Helder at the Royal Navy Club in Den Helder.

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Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’

I have now been several times on board the beautiful Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’. The first time in 2000 in Amsterdam. In this year the Clipper Stad Amsterdam is presented to the audience for the first time during Sail Amsterdam 2000. Holland has its own historic flagship. In 2005 she sailed the river IJ as flagship of the Sail Amsterdam event, with Crown Prince Willem Alexander at the helm. During DelfSail in 2009 I was on board for the blessing of the sails before her depart from Plymouth for an eight month voyage commemorating the two hundredth birthday of Charles Darwin. During Sail Den Helder 2013 the Chairman and Director of Sail Den Helder were welcoming his Majesty the King on board ‘Stad Amsterdam’, to take part in the Reversed Fleet Review. In September I had a last visit on board during a short stay of ‘Stad Amsterdam’ in Amsterdam. In future I will sail with this beautiful ship. See for more stories the website of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam.

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