Monthly Archives: October 2011

Waiting for the river pilots.

The  River Elbe near Tinsdal, 17th of august 2011 16.00 hours

After the pilot boat “Lotse 2” put two harbor pilots on board, to sail to Hamburg, the two river pilots can leave the ship. The container ship “Cosco Beijing” is 350 meters long and 42 meters wide.

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Supervision of the pilot to the ladder.

The Elbe Rivier near Brunsbüttel, 20 august 2011 at 8.21 hours

The river pilot of the Lotsenbrüderschaft Elbe (Hamburg) is escorted to the pilot ladder and will replace the sea pilot for further guidance of the container ship Cap Graham to the Pilot Station Elbe in the North Sea.

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SWATH Pilot Station.

Pilot Station Elbe Noordzee, August 20, 2011  12.59 am

During my visit to the pilots of Hamburg I also visited the pilot station Elbe in the North Sea. The pilot station is a SWATH (Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull), consisting of a mothervessel Hanse (60 meters long and 25 meters wide) and two tenders the “Bremerhaven and the “Borkum. From the mothervessel a launch is suspended. These small boats transport the pilots to or from the vessel requiring pilotage.

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