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Pilots at Port of Tyne (2)

Because of the good and clear weather, low wind and sometimes beautiful sunlight, I got the opportunity to sail with the pilots at Port of Tyne. This time wth Pilot 14, Mark Reynolds, and a large bulk carrier the ‘Golden Bull’ length 225 m and breadth 34 m and also tree tugs were used. It was an incoming vessel, so we went wth the pilot tender outwards, through the pilot ladder on board. The pilot used tugs for berthing. See for pictures Pilots at Port of Tyne (2)

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Pilots at Port of Tyne

In the Port of Tyne I sailed with the container vessel ‘Star Comet’ lenght 133 m width 19 m to the North Sea. I followed the work of pilot Ken Milton. I was lucky that day because the weather was sunny with beautiful clouds, after a long period of bad weather. The security measures were very good. In advance Alan McPherson, deputy Harbour Master and senior pilot asked me if I needed shoes, a jacket and a life jacket. By climbing the ladder and walking on the container vessel and in the harbour I had to wear also a safety helmet, safety glasses and a yellow safety jacket. I was very impressed. See for more pictures: Pilots at Port of Tyne

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Photographer at work

Just like the pilots I have to climb the pilot ladder. There is always a helpful hand from the crew of the pilot cutter. It is a very special experience. Most of the time I climb the pilot ladder under good weather conditions, but the pilot has to climb the ladder also during bad weather. I have not many pictures of myself climbing the ladder. This picture is taken by my husband during the pilotage of the bulk carrier ‘Golden Bull’ length 224 m and width 34 m on the North Sea inbound for the Port of Tyne, North East England.

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Port of Tyne

In the context of the project ‘Pilots of the World’ we visited last week  the pilots of Newcastle in the Port of Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne is situated in the North East of England along the river Tyne. The pilot station is located near the mouth of the river in North Shields.  After a visit to the office of the pilotage and the Vessel Traffic Service center (VTS) of the port authorities, it was possible for me to follow the pilot movements for a whole day. I was very lucky because of the clear and sunny skies and low wind. In the morning I sailed with an outbound container vessel and in the afternoon a very large incoming bulk carrier.  An impressive port and a very friendly and warm welcome at the pilot station.

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