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Pilots of Bangkok (3)

As we are close by the Bangkok Bar Pilot Station we are picked up by the pilot boat. Through the pilot ladder we disembark and are transported to the station. The Bangkok Bar Pilot Station is established in 1874. It has a round cylindrical tower with lantern, mounted on a 3-story concrete building standing on piles. The entire structure is painted with red and white horizontal bands. There is a helipad on the roof of the building. The vessels entering Bangkok must stop to pick up a pilot. Located about 10 mi south of the entrance to the Chao Phraya River, which leads to Bangkok.

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Boatmen are ready to leave

ADM-Haven Amsterdam, January 20, 2013 4.39 pm

Despite the blizzard the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” have to do their job. I wanted to see the harbour during bad weather. So we drove the car on the slippery road to the Port of Amsterdam. Nobody was outside. At the office of “De Koperen Ploeg” I got permission to take pictures of the surroundings. I took some pictures but it was very cold, wet and slippery. The snow hurt my eyes. I didn’t get permission to sail with the boatmen, because it was too dangerous. I was a little disappointed because I want to take pictures of the difficult circumstances they have during wintertime, but I understand that safety for all people is most important.

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Pilots of Rouen (2).

Seine, Boulevard Stalingrad, France April 29 2012

In Rouen I sailed with pilot David Robert with the chemical tanker “Forres Park” (length 183 meters and 32 meters wide). First of all the boatmen sail the pilot to the ship. It is a beautiful journey of 120 km across the Seine to the English Channel. The journey is done by two pilots. The change of pilots occurs at Caudebec en Caux. For me it was not possible to sail all the way to the sea because of the weather (heavy wind).

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What is a ship without a crew? (2)

Westpoort, Amsterdam, July 26, 2012 5.15 pm.
The cooperation is very important when mooring the chemical tanker Utkilen Xantia. After the mooringlines are run through the hawse hole, the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” transport the lines with a special boat to the shore. The pilot indicates both the boatmen and the crew how the tanker can be moored.
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The pilots of Rouen (Seine).

Seine, France April 28 2012, 3.49 pm

Seine, Quai de Danemark, France April 28 2012, 3.58 pm

As  part of my project “Pilots of the world” I visited the maritime pilots of Rouen (Seine). The Russian ship “Marianne” is moved from Quai de France to Quai de Danemark. Despite the bad weather, the work continues.

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De vergeten foto

Amerikahaven, Amsterdam 11 juli 2009 16.15 uur

“Haven Amsterdam, waar werelden elkaar ontmoeten” was het thema van de havenfoto-wedstrijd die was georganiseerd door de Port of Amsterdam in 2010. Je mocht drie foto’s aanleveren. Dit is één van de foto’s die ik niet heb aangeleverd, maar toch prima past bij dit thema. Het was een bijzondere ontmoeting in de haven van Amsterdam. De sleepboot, de vletterlieden en de bemanning van de tanker Challenge Plus wachten op instructies van de loods bij het afmeren.   

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The Harbour works.

Vlothavan Amsterdam, February 27 2006 11.41 am
In general there is a romantic image of the port. But the people in the port are working very hard. According to the jury of the photography competition “The Harbour works”  the picture indicates this subject very well. Therefore the picture won the first prize of the photography competition from the newspaper “Het Parool” and Port of Amsterdam.
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Vlothaven Amsterdam, February 27, 2006 11.18 am
Pilot Klaas Wester is berthing the bulk carrier ‘Coal Age’, length 225 m and wide 32 m, into the Vlothaven. He is assisted by tugs and boatmen. It’s like parking a big car. This photo is also in the headquarters of the EMPA (European Maritime Pilot Association) in Antwerp. According to the EMPA this picture shows exactly what a pilot actually is doing.
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