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Pilotage HMS Falken during Sail Den Helder.


During Sail Den Helder 2013 I was invited to sail with the ‘HMS Falken’. I accompanied the pilots Tobias Lofvers and Jellle Douma of Loodswezen, region Amsterdam-IJmond, to the anchorage on the Rede van Texel. There all the tall ships assembled for the Fleet Review on Thursday 20th June.The Falken is a Royal Swedish Navy sail training schooner. The vessel is 39 meters long and 7 meters wide and is part of a Schooner Squadron that helps train cadets of the Royal Swedish Navy. The cadets get a strong foundation of basic seamanship during their weeks aboard.  For many it is their first time at sea. It was also my first time I visited the beautiful vessel and hospitable crew. You cab find more information about the pilotage of ‘HMS Falken’ on my website under Martime/Events/Sail Den Helder 2013/Pilotage HMS Falken


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Abstracts and stills

As a photographer I not only look at the big views as ships and surroundings but also at details. Sometimes are the details more beautiful. The details are often better than the whole and make abstract images. In this serie I show a compilation of abstract images that I have  taken on vessels and ships. I wonder if people on the ships recognize where the pictures were taken. Abstracts and stills

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Pilots of Hamburg (Elbe)

Brunsbüttel, August 17, 2011, 1.41 pm

The pilots of Hamburg are divided in several groups, the sea pilots, the Elbe pilots and the harbor pilots. The sea and Elbe pilots belong to the Lotsenbrüderschaft Elbe. The area of the Lotsenbrüderschaft Elbe is from the pilot station in the North Sea to Brunsbüttel (entrance of the Nord-Ost-See Kanal) to the harbour of Hamburg. My first journey with the two Elbe pilots was from the pilot station in Brunsbüttel into the harbour of Hamburg, with the container vessel “Cosco Beijing”, 350 m long and 42 m wide. At Teufelsbrück at the entrance of the harbour, the Elbe pilots are replaced by the harbor pilots of Hamburg.

For more pictures see: Pilots of Hamburg (Elbe)

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Pilotage by helicopter

Saturday February 9, 2013 I suddenly got the opportunity to go with the pilots of Amsterdam on a special mission, namely a pilotage by helicopter. Deep draft vessels coming to the Port of IJmuiden are restricted because of the tide. These vessels have to use the so called IJ-geul. The IJ-geul is a man made channel at the North Sea, 450 metres wide and 25 miles long, accessible for vessels with a maximum draft of 17.8 meters. For safety reasons these vessels are always piloted by two specially trained pilots who use state-of-the-art navigational equipment. The pilots get to the vessel by helicopter and board near the helicopter rendez-vous area at the entrance to the IJ-geul. The bulk carrier “Cape Sunrise” (length 292 m, width 45 m, draft 16,5 m), a so called cape-sizer, heading to the IJ-palen at Tata Steel, was piloted by Wiggele Warnar and Roelof Favot, pilots of the Region Amsterdam-IJmond.


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Boatmen are ready to leave

ADM-Haven Amsterdam, January 20, 2013 4.39 pm

Despite the blizzard the boatmen of  “De Koperen Ploeg” have to do their job. I wanted to see the harbour during bad weather. So we drove the car on the slippery road to the Port of Amsterdam. Nobody was outside. At the office of “De Koperen Ploeg” I got permission to take pictures of the surroundings. I took some pictures but it was very cold, wet and slippery. The snow hurt my eyes. I didn’t get permission to sail with the boatmen, because it was too dangerous. I was a little disappointed because I want to take pictures of the difficult circumstances they have during wintertime, but I understand that safety for all people is most important.

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