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Tug Thetis in action in IJmuiden (2)

Also on a tug you have wonderful views. It remains a challenge to find the special photography spots. It is good to be careful because there are steep stairs and especially when the tug is pulling ships many forces are released.  Sometimes it seems that the ship is pulled down.

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Tug Thetis in the locks of IJmuiden.


On board of the tug ‘Thetis’, length 29 m and width 11 m I saw how Captain Dirkzwager sailed from the port of IJmuiden to the locks to assist to maneuver the bulk carrier AS ‘Victoria’ into the locks of IJmuiden. The tug ‘Hercules’ dragged the bulk carrier at the bow into the locks. The bulk carrier AS ‘Victoria’, length 190 m and width 33 m, was on her way to the Amerikahaven in Port of Amsterdam.

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A Happy and Healthy 2015.

WL-148-43332We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

There is no end to the adventures we can have

if only we seek them with our eyes open.

A happy and healthy 2015.

Mirjam Terpstra & Ton Reijntjes

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Tugboat ‘ Bernardus’ of Iskes Towage & Salvage in action.

WL-147-85475Iskes Towage & Salvage has taken delivery of the Bernardus, the first Damen ASD 2810 Hybrid tug. Based in IJmuiden near Amsterdam, Iskes has been operating a conventional Damen ASD Tug 2810 since November 2011. By combining diesel-direct, diesel-electric propulsion and battery power the vessel can achieve average fuel savings of up to 30% and up to 40% reduction of emissions. Here ‘Bernardus’ is in action near the locks of IJmuiden. The tugboat assists to maneuver the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’, length 229 meters and width 32 meters into the locks.

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The leading lights of IJmuiden.

On board of the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’, length 229 meters and width 32 meters  pilot Leen Kranendonk gives instructions to follow a pair of leading lights marking the IJgeul (the entrance on the North Sea to the North Sea Canal). The 24-metre high lighthouse together with the low lighthouse of IJmuiden forms the leading lights. The lights are a pair of light beacons, used in navigation to indicate a safe passage for vessels entering a shallow or dangerous channel and may also be used for position fixing. At night, the lights are a form of leading line that can be used for safe navigation. The beacons consist of two lights that are separated in distance and elevation, so that when they are aligned, with one above the other, they provide a bearing. Range lights are often illuminated day and night. Two lights are positioned near one another. One, called the front light, is lower than the one behind, which is called the rear light. At night when viewed from a ship, the two lights only become aligned vertically when a vessel is positioned on the correct bearing. If the vessel is on an incorrect course, the lights will not align..

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Difficult manoeuvre in the Mercuriushaven Amsterdam.

On board of the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’, length 229 meters and width 32 meters I noticed a difficult manoeuvre by pilot Leen Kranendonk. He had to pass the bulk carrier ‘Hanjin Odessa’, length 255 meters and width 43 meters, in the Mercuriushaven in the Port of Amsterdam. It was interesting to see how he succeeded..

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Demonstration pilots during World Port Days in Rotterdam.


During World Port Days in Rotterdam there was an impressive demonstration of the pilotage by helicopter on the pilot boat ‘Pollux’, lenght 81 m and breadth 13 m. Lots of people were watching how the pilot was lowered on the deck of the pilot boat and then was hoisted by the helicopter..

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Last working day of a pilot (2).


On board of of the bulk carrier ‘Cape Kennedy’ I saw how the pilot boat ‘Lacerta’, length 24 m and breadth 6 m disappeared to the next vessel to pick up the pilot. I like to see how the pilot boat sailed away in the North Sea.

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